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President – Nadine Kademoglou

Elgin Academy

Salvete, omnes! My name is Nadine Kademoglou and I will be serving as your 2016-2017 IJCL president. I am currently a junior at Elgin Academy taking Latin IV and plan on taking Latin V next year. Looking even further, my passion for and involvement in the classics has greatly contributed to a strong liberal arts foundation that will prepare me well for a double major in sociology and biology. My “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” style upbringing spurred this exact passion and involvement- my 7th grade self begging my parents to take Latin because I thought it would be similar to modern Greek, which I knew, and consequently be “easy”- so I guess I can’t complain too much about my seven years of Greek school, dance and Orthodox Sunday school because it greatly contributed the amazing relationships I have through and with the JCL now. My other hobbies include taking long walks on the beach, admiring sunsets and baking box mix cupcakes. Besides that, there’s not much to say other than that I look forward to an amazing year of celebrating the classics with all of you!!


First Vice President – Rachel He

Naperville North High School

Rachel He is a rising senior from Naperville North High School and she is unashamed to admit that her love of Percy Jackson prompted her to choose Latin as her foreign language of study in her freshman year of high school. This choice soon blossomed into a love of classical language, history, and culture. Rachel feels incredibly lucky to have discovered this language and is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on the IJCL board as 1st VP.

Likes: Cats, sleeping, sleeping cats, Harry Potter, fat birds, Leslie Knope, strawberry ice cream, dancing like a dad at the neighborhood barbecue

Dislikes: Spelling, wet socks, bell peppers, people who litter

Hobbies: cat-petting, painting, drawing, baking

Favorite Latin Quotation: Fluctuat nec mergitur (Unknown)

Second Vice President –

Secretary –

Parliamentarian – Samir Al-Ali

Northside College Preparatory High School

Samir Al-Ali is a junior at Northside College Preparatory High School. Samir was a Latin student in the 4th-6th grades but picked it back up in high school, and can’t imagine his life without the Classics in it. Samir is most often found in NCP’s Latin room, either reading Certamen rounds to Certaminators, perusing Allen and Greenough, or throwing something around; beyond Latin, Samir enjoys playing Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and other assorted sports and contributing to his community in meaningful ways. He is very excited to be serving on the IJCL board and hopes to help bring the IJCL to new heights, with more IJCL activities interspersed throughout the year and scholarships to encourage more students to attend the IJCL State convention!

Likes: JCL and Certamen, the A2 buzzer, accusative supine, community service, cinammon, 2nd person singular future active imperative of the verb “poto, potare”, sports, spending time with family, Nutella

Dislikes: ditch days that don’t entail reading Ecce Romani, corruption, the word “nevermind”

Hobbies: collecting plastic bottle caps, reading, studying for and playing Certamen, practicing Arabic, volunteering

Favorite Latin Quotation: Respice, Adspice, Prospice (City College of New York)

Historian – Atif Osmani

Northside College Preparatory High School

Atif Osmani is a Senior at Northside College Prep. He has taken Latin for three years now. Atif originally enrolled in Latin due to the prompting of his brothers and feels thankful that he listened to them. Most of the time you can find Atif in NCP’s latin room hovering like an ill wind as Mr Nifong would say. Atif plays Certamen at NCP and his favorite subjects of study are Roman history, Roman culture, and Latin literature. He is thrilled to be your historian for the next year and hopes that he will make an amazing scrapbook along with multiple editions of the Nuntius. His overall goal is to have at least the state scrapbook place at nationals, and for the scrapbook and nuntius to be available online. He also hopes to create a better system for sharing photos and other media.

Likes: The Roman Empire, photography, the JCL, Certamen, the Percy Jackson series and any other spin-offs, Bad Roman-ce the Colloquium, Mr Nifong’s biscotti, other baked goods, proabably other things that I can’t think of right now.

Dislikes: The Roman Republic, people who think I am stupid for taking Latin, the one percent of baked goods that I don’t like.

Favorite Latin Motto: Crescat Scientia Vita Excolatur (University of Chicago)

State Chai

State Chairs

NJCL Convention Coordinator – William Nifong

Northside College Prep

IJCL Convention Coordinator – Laurie Jolicoeur

Lyons Township High School